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Facial recognition with 100% touch-free capability

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    Touch-free Facial Recognition for your Time and Attendance solution

    Synergy Face is a highly accurate Facial Recognition device that can be configured to be completely touch-free to comply with your COVID-19 Secure policy.

    With an easy upgrade patch from your current technology, as well as being ideal for new projects, Synergy Face is the perfect device to complement to your Time and Attendance solution and keep your employees safe.


    Highly accurate and secure

    Synergy Face’s proprietary three-dimensional facial analysis and identification algorithm cannot be fooled by two dimensional images or photographs and is so accurate it can even distinguish between identical twins. For privacy and security peace of mind no images are captured and stored anywhere on the device or across the system, instead a template is created from the capture algorithm upon enrolment which is used for future identification. In addition, the template cannot be turned into an image so data is always 100% safe and secure.

    Looking for a contactless solution?

    Synel buy-back programme

    We are currently offering a buy-back of your existing Synel hardware should you wish to go contactless with Synergy Face.
    Please contact us for further information.

    Quick and easy enrolling

    Enrolling employees takes a matter of seconds, it only needs to be done on one device and all others across the network are updated. Up to 4,000 face templates can be enrolled and employees are identified in an instant.


    Multiple technologies

    As well as facial recognition, a host of card technologies can be specified including Proximity, Mifare and HID. Employees can also be issued with PIN numbers. Both of these extra measures can be used in conjunction with facial recognition to provide dual-factor authentication for added security.


    Programmable keyboard and completely contactless options

    Synergy Face features six programmable function keys, plus IN/OUT keys, to help users manage additional data input like labour levels, departments, piece rate, tips, in addition to in/out for shifts, breaks and lunches.

    For contactless operation, it can be configured for ‘recognise and go’, which will clock IN on the first recognition of an employee and clock OUT on the next recognition.  Contactless buttons can also be specified whereby the employee can confirm their action by a simple wave of a hand in front of the sensor.

    Part of your networked Time and Attendance solution, or standalone

    As well as being compatible with Synergy Workforce (Timelog Web), Synel’s leading Time & Attendance platform, and  popular third-party software platforms,  Synergy Face is also suitable for standalone applications that don’t require it to be on a network and features a USB port for easy data export.

    Connectivity for additional devices, such as a printers, barcode scanners, and more, is provided.


    Technology Partner Support

    A full SDK is provided for technology partners wishing to integrate Synergy Face with their own software and a simple API kit, via Synergy Connect middleware, is also available to get the perfect solution quickly and easily.

    Technical Specification
    Operating System Linux
    Processor TI DM 644 CPU 594 MHz
    Display 3.5″ TFT Colour
    Keyboard 4*4 Touch Keyboard
    User Capacity 4,000 (Face) 10,000 (Non Face)
    Fingerprint User Capacity
    Fingerprint Register
    SD Card
    Fingerprint No
    Card / Fob Yes
    QR Code No
    Facial Recognition Yes
    Data transmission protocols TCP/IP/HTTP/HTTPS, USB Host
    Network Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
    Power 12V DC, 500mA
    Operating Temperature 0-50 humidity 10%-90%
    Dimensions 200 x 95 x 115mm
    External Reader Compatibility Weigand
    Fingerprint Fake Identification Rate N/A
    Fingerprint Identification Speed N/A
    Facial Recognition Identification Rate FAR <0.001% FRR <1%
    Facial Recognition Identification Speed < 1 Sec
    Certification CE, FCC, TUV, RoHS
    Mounting options Wall Mount

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      By submitting this form I agree to my details being used in sole connection with the intended enquiry. Please check our privacy policy to see how we protect and manage your submitted data.

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