Compliance with Ever-Changing Laws

, , , , , | 10th January 2020

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) recently passed a law that requires enterprises in EU member states to set up systems that record employees’ daily working hours. These ever-changing legal compliance requirements mean that businesses need to search for unique new solutions, such as Synel’s Time and Attendance Tracking Solutions, to stay ahead of the game.

As per the ruling, employers must ensure that an objective, reliable, and accessible system is in place to measure the duration of time put in by each worker on every working day, in order to comply with current labour laws. While the decision regarding exactly how the law is enforced is left to member states, the implementation of such systems is likely to be burdened with a set of complex technological and logistical problems.

Without a reliable and efficient Time and Attendance solution in place, it is effectively impossible to measure hours worked each day by every worker with any degree of objectivity and accuracy. Employers must therefore install, implement and successfully regulate systems that track and record employees’ data, including time and attendance, scheduled tasks and access control.

A single flexible, transformative system is essential to ensure for employers to comply with rapidly evolving labour laws. A technological solution to this compliance problem also has the additional benefit of enhancing productivity.

Time and Attendance packages such as Synel’s Time and Attendance solution offer the perfect way to capture employee time and attendance, with the added beenfit of improving productivity and generating electronic reports – ideal for monitoring your team and comply with the changing regulations.

  • Time and Attendance Monitoring to guarantee absolute accuracy, simplified resource management, scalability, reduced paperwork, and security.
  • Employee Scheduling to ensure work-time compliance and accurate measurement of overtime worked.
  • Mobile Workforce Management to ensure employees working outside of work premises can be monitored and tracked for compliance with regulatory standards
  • Various clocking-in methods, including PIN, Card, Fob, Fingerprint and Facial Recognition.

About Synel UK

Synel UK is a pioneer in innovative workforce management solutions for over 25 years and is a total solution provider that can be specifically tailored to your workforce and industry needs. Synel offers a full range of state-of-the-art biometric time clock and access control devices and a powerful workforce management suite that excels in many solutions, including: time and attendance, scheduling, job costing, field management, electronic registration, expense management, visitor management, expense management and access control.

Empower your workforce and say hello to streamlined management with Synel.


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