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Expenses Management Solution for effortless expenses management by Synel UK

| 23rd May 2019

Synel UK, recently launched its new Expenses Management Solutionwhich combines receipt scanning, automated policy enforcement and real-time reporting for effortless management. Automate the expense management process and eliminate the errors, paper and procedures that go with it. Free up your employees and take control over compliance and costs. With the new Synel solution, users can quickly enter and approve Expense items and Mileage claims at their PC or their mobile.


• Create and submit your expenses on the go
• Automate your companies’ expense policy
• Fast expense approval
• Generate custom reports
• Save time

“expenses management is a growing administration task with modern organisations. We are excited to provide a solution which will eliminate the admin work, allow for live cost monitoring and will not cost a fortune itself as it is fully integrated with our workforce management solution” said, Synel’s UK CEO, Yuval Gonen.

How does it work?
Allow managers or employees to start a claim, then allow managers or employees to upload receipts & then later link them to the claim. The Expenses Management Solution will show items waiting to be approved and claims that are yet needed to be submitted. The expenses can be approved at a later stage and you have the option to define specific expenses managers.
The new solution features an expense dashboard, expense categories, payment types (card, cash, voucher) & categories, expenses report and is also visible and available for use with the SYQR app for all Mobile employees. The expenses can be billable against an activity or client.
Verify user-entered mileages, now you don’t need to calculate the distance travelled. Just enter your starting point and destination. You can also select vehicle type to accurately calculate mileage.
Finally, leverage the new Synel Expenses solution so you don’t lose out on expense claims because you lost the receipt. With the new Expenses Management Solution, you can take a photo of your receipt, upload it and submit it on the go!

Synel UK develops, produces, supplies and installs workforce management solutions for data collection, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications. Synel UK has over 25 years of experience as a total solutions provider, offering a full range of hardware and software at very competitive prices. More than 2000 companies and organisations in the UK are using our systems, including IKEA, Royal Academy of Music, Honda UK, DHL (GB), Sainsbury’s and Arcadia Group just to name a few. A world leader of employee’s time & attendance data collection, Synel supplies complete hardware and software solutions for easy management and control of any organisations time resources. R&D is at the heart of Synel’s operations, transforming advance technologies into software solutions that make a difference in workplace. Synel…Time to be efficient!

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