Time and Attendance Software for the Healthcare Industry

, | 29th October 2018

If you manage an organisation in the healthcare sector, you know that patient care is a 24×7 commitment. Irrespective of the size of your healthcare company, managing your employees’ schedule and mapping them to the correct patients is always challenging.

Considering the combination of professional, union and unskilled staff that you employ and the vastly different requirements of individual clients, manually mapping employees to patients can significantly drain your time and resources. In addition, there are government mandates which define the schedule of union employees who work on a weekly basis. While all of these might seem like an insurmountable mountain of challenges, Synel’s workforce management software can efficiently reduce the hassle by semi-automating the process for you.

time and attendance in healthcare indstry

Here’s how Synel’s Time and Attendance software can help your workforce management efforts:

Improved Patient Care: Our proprietary skill management tool can assess the skills of your employees and schedule their appointments based on the level of care your patients require.

Analyse Labour: Once you input your patients’ requirements, the software analyses demand and maps staff to patients accordingly. Our software is a cost-effective solution which also helps you meet mandated staff-to-patient ratios.

Minimise Compliance Risks: With Synel’s help, rest assured that your resources adhere to your country’s relevant wage and labour laws.

Monitor your Mobile Workforce: Synel’s workforce management software allows your employees to choose from several remote clocking options like checking in from smartphones or via the internet. With the help of swipe cards, biometric terminals and desktop readers, the solution is flexible and efficient.

Reduce Workforce Management Costs: By semi-automating your workforce management, you effectively reduce manual errors, cost of operations and schedule abuses like ‘workmate punching’.

Monitor and Track Employee Performance: Track employee absences and get a real-time overview of individual performances through impactful data.

Manage Entitlements and Accruals: Equip your employees with the software’s ‘Employee Self Service’ option and allow them to manage their own holidays, benefits and sick time.

Improve Employee Safety: In case of a fire breakout or any other mishap, Synel’s software allows you to record and track the whereabouts of your employees. This helps emergency personnel to evacuate the premise thoroughly.

Integrate payroll system: The customisable time and attendance software allows you to seamlessly integrate your payroll, financial and HR systems. This empowers you to manage a wide range of HR operations with ease.

Stay on top of trends: With real-time data about employee habits and trends like overtime, absence and productivity, you can implement the necessary steps required to normalise your workforce and improve efficiency.

Streamline the HR process: With our software, you can manage major HR functionalities like scheduling training, disciplinary meetings, performance reviews and grievances meeting.

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