4 Interesting Facts About Working Mums and Flexible Working

, , , | 31st March 2017

According to a recent Report about Working Mums published to mark the launch of 2017 Top Employer Awards,’s Best Practice Report 2017 there is a definite increase on flexible recruitment policies & a recognition that flexible working has to be embedded with a flexible culture. The Report provides a closer look to what most progressive companies are doing with regards to gender diversity and flexible working. The findings are very interesting and provide us with a practical insight to the issues that drive gender diversity and equality at all levels of the workplace.

  1. Working Dads. There is an increased interest in policies aimed at working dads and a commitment to include men in debates around equality in the workplace.
  1. Address the blockage in female talent. Employers are setting up numerous initiatives to address the blockage in the female talent pipeline, recognising the links between leadership programmes, mentoring and sponsorship and family friendly, flexible cultures.
  1. Understand the issues around attracting and retaining women. A major focus is placed on understanding the areas of organisations where there may be issues around attracting and retaining women and targeting resources at them.
  1. Flexible working needs Flexible culture. The report demonstrates the increasing trend to normalise flexible working with a flexible culture from recruitment to senior management. Flexible culture is driven by the people inside the organisations and the training and support given to them.

Mobile Workforce ManagementManaging employees who don’t report to the office also comes with a set of unique challenges, and overcoming them has become a top priority for many employers. Telework experts weighed in on how to solve the biggest problems of the modern mobile workforce such as communication, tracking productivity, employee trust and a unified company culture.

All the above issues can be addressed and solved through effective management and monitoring. A simple investment in software, for example, can offer complete effective Workforce Management of mobile employees and reporting via smartphone.

Synel’s field service solution SYQR offers complete effective Workforce Management of mobile employees. SYQR can help you manage your mobile workforce from any location. The employees can use their smartphone to clock in and out of work from anywhere, allowing the managers to track attendance, activities, breaks, requests, absences and extract valuable data any time-anywhere.

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