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    Synergy Time and Attendance – Advanced T&A solution for your business

    Synel’s Synergy Time and Attendance solution sits at the heart of a powerful Workforce Management Platform delivering a completely scalable solution with a host of advanced functionality to enable your organisation to monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of your entire workforce – whether they are working from a site, out in the field, or both.

    It doesn’t matter if you employ just a few staff in one location to many thousands at multiple locations around the world – or anything in between – Synergy Time and Attendance  is ultimately designed to increase productivity, reduce administration and save you both management time and money whilst giving the perfect overview of your employee activity.

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    Key Features of Synergy Time and Attendance:

    Clock in / Clock out and record breaks

    Track clock in / clock out times of your employees and record break times to ensure that your organisation stays on track with attendance and working hours.

    Absence Management

    Employees can request their annual leave, have it approved, write it to the roster and have their remaining balance updated, all in a single solution. Employees and managers can see a clear breakdown of annual leave taken verses annual leave remaining in real time and your organisation can maintain a clear understanding of which employee is expected in on a specific day and time, for effective staff and resource management.

    Customisable Timesheets

    Download weekly or monthly timesheets which show either a specific data set or those compiled by your organisation based on information preferences. Time sheets can be viewed and authorised as required, as well as saved as a permanent record. All of the approved hours can be exported directly to payroll.

    Dashboard overview

    Synergy Time and Attendance allows all employees across all locations to be managed on a single system. You can use the ‘presence information’ panel to track attendance, absences and exceptions in one, easy to use dashboard which updates in real time, based on employee actions.

    For example, you can view live information on who is present and who isn’t in order to streamline attendance management of your large teams all in one easy to use screen. The presence information panel is broken down into a simple traffic light system – employees highlighted in Green show present employees, Orange show the exceptions on any given day, and Red shows absent employees.

    Integration with your payroll solution

    Synergy Time and Attendance works hand in hand with leading Payroll systems, including Cascade, Pegasus, Sage, and many more. Data, such as hours worked per employee, can be exported for Payroll or HR management purposes which dramatically reduces the time it takes to get the information you need and eliminates the opportunity of human error. Find out more about how your Synel Workforce Management solution can integrate with other systems here.

    Advanced scheduling

    With Synergy Time and Attendance you can say goodbye to manual shift planning thanks to advanced scheduling being provided as standard. This allows you to schedule tasks and organise shifts effectively by quickly assigning staff to specific jobs or task based on pre-defined skills, qualifications and availability. This allows you to improve work output, increase efficiency, take control of your labour costs, and manage your service delivery with accuracy and ease.

    Cost Centre

    Cost centre management enables your business to manage and track costs of your employees across departments/sites and manage productive and non-productive time more effectively to streamline resource management and get real-time visibility of cost control.

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    Timelog Web is compatible with Synel’s leading biometric attendance hardware


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    Case Study

    Al Murad chose Synel to record attendance of employees

    Al Murad invested in Synel’s state-of-the-art biometric attendance system.
    With the aim to consolidate HR reporting across locations, Al Murad chose TimeLOG Web hosted along with Synel’s latest biometric attendance terminal, Synergy.

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