How An Efficient Workforce Management System Saves You Money

, , | 10th June 2019

How An Efficient Workforce Management System Saves You Money


An efficient workforce management software solution lets you leverage your workforce to get the best out of your people while reducing resource wastage and streamlining operations, all in a cost-effective method. It is also important that the workforce management software you use is sufficiently flexible and customisable to accommodate your organisation’s core processes, allocating work and completing deliverables.


However, any important decision you take for your company should ultimately help you save costs. Here is how an efficient workforce management software will help you do exactly that.


Reduce Payroll Errors

An efficient workforce management software should come with provisions to automate payroll management across your organisation. Once that is done, you are essentially saved from paying additional resources to manage employee payments. However, by automating an otherwise daunting task, you are doing more than just freeing up a significant portion of your HR team’s time. You are removing the possibility of human error. You also eliminate the possibility of paying your employees incorrectly, and improve your ability to monitor overtimes and delays.


Reduce Admin Work

With workforce management software, your organisation’s admins can get a full and transparent overview of your staff’s activities. This makes it easy to create rotas and schedules based on personnel availability, which is calculated based on inputs from timesheets and leave requests. Here, the cost benefits come in the form of efficient mapping of resources to projects. If you manually scour through timesheets and leave request data and then assign individuals to projects on that basis, you might end up paying more for project completion than necessary.


Prevent Time Theft

Time theft and buddy clocking are expensive affairs, costing as much as £12 billion a year in the UK! With a workforce management software system, you can effectively eliminate these costly practices. By getting a clear view of the work being done across your organisation, you can now be sure that you are paying employees only for the genuine work they have put in for your company.


Manage Absence

With your workforce management software pulling in relevant data from leave requests and approvals, you can monitor the process and look out for anomalies in leave absence patterns of employees. Since the requests are brought to your notice in simple steps, you are also drastically reducing the time spent by your employees on formulating a request and sending it across to you. With an absence management system, you can have all the data in one place and not lose the requests and approvals in the clutter of your inbox. Once again, this allows you to spend less on human resource managers, who would otherwise have to spend time managing leave requests manually.


Automate Workflow

Time is money! Any organisation which uses its time efficiently will make the most out of its resources – and that’s exactly what a workforce management software should allow you to do. With workflow automation, your organisation will only have to take care of handling the rare exceptions.


Synel’s workflow management system comes with all these features. By using Synel systematically and consistently, you can effectively save your organisation thousands of dollars every year.


To know more about Synel’s software solutions and how we can help your organisation scale operations without increasing spend on human resources and workflow management, get in touch with us today!


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