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    Synergy Reader for your Time and Attendance Solution

    Tried and tested reliability

    • Specify Proximity, Mifare, HID or HID iCLASS reader technology
    • Create a completely touch free and contactless solution with ‘Swipe and Go’
    • Dual-authentication option with PIN for high security areas


    Synergy range of data capture devices

    Accompanying Synel’s range of Biometric Data Capture Devices, Synergy Reader offers a quick and easy way for your employees to clock IN and OUT, as well as register breaks and other tasks.


    Cards and fobs

    To accompany your Synergy Reader, Synel also provides a wide range of cards and fobs. Proximity, Mifare, HID and HID iCLASS are all available.

    View our selection of Cards and Fobs on our on-line shop.

    Card printers

    A selection of single-sided and double-sided card printers are also available from our on-line shop.

    Card printing services

    Synel offers a host of card printing services, such as individually numbering cards and fobs, or full-colour printing. Please contact your account manager for more information.

    Easy to administer

    Badge numbers are simply added against the employee record on Synergy Workforce (Timelog Web), Synel’s leading Workforce Management Platform, or your compatible third-party platform; and employees will be able to use any device across the network.

    Synergy Fingerprint
    Synergy Home
    Synergy Face

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    Case Study

    Al Murad chose Synel to record attendance of employees

    Al Murad invested in Synel’s state-of-the-art biometric attendance system.

    With the aim to consolidate HR reporting across locations, Al Murad chose TimeLOG Web hosted along with Synel’s latest biometric attendance terminal, Synergy. “We have used Synel’s biometric fingerprint time recording terminals since 2016. The software links our HR database and payroll to the fingerprint machines, allowing us to collect the employees’ clocking information simply and quickly. Making employee management so simple”

    Read the Case Study


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