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Josh Dvir, implementation and support manager for Synel’s UK education software projects providing solutions for managing student registration, cashless systems, access control and integration with many of our partners holds a very important role in our team.

Josh Dvir, implementation manager at Synel UK has committed to run this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon set for Sunday 23 April and raise money for Chai Cancer Care.

Recently featured in an article written by Daily Mail the author suggests that companies in Time & Attendance sector are cheating employees by using ‘tricks’ like the cutting down on the time they work.

Facial recognition systems are the most popular & efficient ways to capture attendance and maintain a highly secure access control system.

In today’s digital world reacting quickly to change is vital and can turn out to be the biggest competitive advantage for a company.

Nine in ten UK employees still go into work when they are ill, suggesting more needs to be done regarding the rising  phenomenon of presenteeism.

With the new polymer £5 note the cashless society is finally becoming a reality. The cashless society has long been waiting to happen, but it is finally arriving now. 

Of the around 400 state schools in Norfolk, parents at 200 of them were fined last year, with the most fines given at schools on Norfolk’s east coast.

According to the National Association of School Business Management (NASBM) there is a good opportunity schools to be more efficient and make further savings. At the end of 2015, NASBM commissioned a research on the operational efficiency for schools.

How much money might you be losing this year through inefficient time recording! During these difficult times, it is more important than ever to understand & optimise your single biggest cost, employee time.

Is it mission impossible to deal with sick leave and employee scheduling faults? Sick days are costing UK business nearly £29bn a year as UK workers take more than four times as many days off work due to sickness as their global counterparts, according to research contacted by PwC.

The last years we see the trend of tracking Student Attendance via biometrics in Schools, Colleges and Universities. These systems have proven to be more effective than traditional methods of tracking student attendance because they are fast, precise and easy to use.

Remove the need for parents to send cash or cheques to school to pay for school dinners, clubs, trips, fees and other services. The cashless future is here and Synel offers the most comprehensive system in the UK market to manage cashless payments.

Are you going to be the next school to reap the benefits? Read a list of what you have to gain.

Safety is maintained at a high level when Synel clocking machines and Access Control units are connected to your company’s fire alarm system. You can be sure that you will have immediately available a rapid, fire evacuation report and automatically the doors of your building will open.

Managing rising administration costs and controlling sales at Schools shops, cafes and refectories are important issues for the effective management and long term growth of any educational institution.

The world we are living has become even more dangerous with the rise of terrorist attacks in Europe and the racism attacks that take place in the wake of Brexit. The days of swiping a key card over a square reader to get into your school or unlock a lab are still here but the question remains…is that good enough anymore?

Uncertainty and lack of stability in the UK market creates a troublesome business environment for companies that does not help in terms of planning and pro-activeness…One of the biggest challenges in times of uncertainty is to keep profitability when environment and sale growth are not stable. Salaries and overtime cost monitoring are vital in such times…

According to a new report published by Consultancy UK, HR Technology and systems like Synel’s Workforce Management Solutions e.g. TimeLOGWeb are becoming a priority for HR departments and strategic agendas of organisations.

According to a report by the international recruitment firm Robert Half, 73% of UK HR directors believe employees are likely to call in sick or make an excuse for skipping work, the day after a major sporting event. 21% of them are considering the possibility ‘very likely’.

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, uses a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to hardware devices. Learn the benefits of PoE to determine if this infrastructure setup is right for your organization and needs, and check out our technology that utilizes PoE.