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Although technological advancements in time and attendance are taking place as we speak and despite the fact that this software exists for quite a long period of time many businesses still ignore the benefits and consider the time clock as the only device they need to pay people.

Fingerprint authentication will be present in the majority of apps in the near future, due to the increasing use of fingerprint scanners within smartphones.

Biometrics, have the advantage that the individual entering secure areas or information is not just a person holding credentials, but is actually the person who has been given access.

National living wage…8 ways to prepare for change

The national living wage is going to be introduced on 1 April 2016 and employers will need to plan carefully to ensure they avoid problems with payroll, employment law and employee morale.

Therefore, it is a good time to prepare for the change and avoid penalties and complications in the near future.


For the first time on the U.S. southern border, authorities are conducting facial and iris scans on foreigners entering the country, part of a congressionally mandated effort aimed at cracking down on those who remain in the United States with expired visas.

Even in retirement, Richard Johnstone, 83, continues to innovate and share his knowledge of technology.

Australia is considering using surveillance cameras with facial recognition technology to identify problem drinkers in the Northern Territory and refuse selling them alcohol.

The new facial recognition system is intended to prevent criminals from entering the territory with fake or third-party identities.

India’s Panjab University will soon introduce a biometric time and attendance tracking system for campus staff, the university’s officials have announced.

The rising use of biometrics in law enforcement mainly depends on the development of automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS). In addition to the advances in AFIS itself, extension of its life cycle and reduction in associated maintenance spend will be important to boost the technology’s uptake.

Intermittent employee sickness absence is a real problem for many employers. This has resulted in some businesses operating “absence management programmes” (“AMP”), in effect a disciplinary procedure through which regularly absent employees are processed. After a specified number of intermittent days of absence, employees get put through each stage, ending up in dismissal if they do not improve their absence level sufficiently.

San Diego Local police agencies are expanding the use of facial recognition cameras to identify suspects in the field.

Two years ago, local police agencies started testing facial recognition in the field.

China could soon say bye-bye to bank cards as it gives life to the first of its facial recognition enabled ATMs.

Violence at schools across the USA has prompted Orange County Public Schools to implement a new management system for visitors.

A group of former engineering students from the University of Waterloo have developed a quick-release biometric bike lock that unlocks using the user’s fingerprint.

It wasn’t long ago that Microsoft entertained us all with age-recognition software that could tell you how old you looked in your Facebook photos.

Now,  the tech giant has developed a similar app that supposedly analyses people’s facial expressions.

An atomic-scale fingerprint could boost the security of connected devices, according to British scientists who have developed it.

Qatar‘s economy has continuously shown a promising growth over the years and is anticipated to witness tremendous infrastructure development owing to upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

In the continuing debate over the background checks favored by ride-booking services, or transportation network companies (TNCs), and the current mandatory fingerprinting for the taxi industry in San Jose, the main question should be which protects the public more. 

Synel UK would like to congratulate our valued customers at the Rugby Football Union and Twickenham Stadium for the fabulous and fantastic opening ceremony and great start to the Rugby World Cup 2015.

David Cameron is announcing the latest wave of free schools in England, as a step towards his manifesto pledge of 500 more over the next five years.